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The National Risk Analysis of Disasters and Emergencies in Switzerland

Crucial basis for preparedness planning in disaster management

Organizations responsible for the management of disasters and emergencies face a broad and diverse range of events – naturally, technically, and societally induced disasters and emergencies. The response to such hazards must therefore be organized and planned in advance. In order to get a systematic overview of the hazard potential of possible disasters and emergencies, organizations in charge of disaster management perform analyses of hazards or risks, respectively. This involves identifying the spectrum of possible hazards, developing specific scenarios, analyzing their impacts in a sophisticated manner, and assessing the likelihood of occurrence for the scenarios described. With the National Risk Analysis the FOCP develops a crucial basis for preparedness planning in disaster management at all levels of government in Switzerland.

Different Products

As part of the National Risk Analysis the following products have been developed. They will be periodically updated:

  • Risk report
    Der technische Risikobericht 2015 zeigt die Resultate der Analysen auf, die bis 2015 erarbeitet wurden. Er enthält die Risikodiagramme, die die Risiken der 33 untersuchten Katastrophenereignisse und Notlagen zueinander in Beziehung stellen. Die Diagramme ermöglichen einen Vergleich des Risikos der Szenarien.

  • Method
    The Method for Risk Analysis of Disasters and Emergencies in Switzerland describes the approach and the metric used in the National Risk Analysis.

  • Hazard catalog
    The hazard catalog is a compilation of potential hazards. It presents an overview on possible events and developments, without prioritizing them.
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  • Hazard files
    For each hazard investigated, information is systematically compiled in so-called hazard files. The scenario is the centerpiece of the file and serves as the basis for the hazard analysis. Hazard files are available in German and French.
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