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Hazard Catalogue: A Basis for Hazard and Risk Analyses

The Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) has prepared a third edition of its hazard catalogue, in cooperation with numerous specialist units from the federal government, the cantons and the communes. The catalogue forms an integral part of the Disasters and Emergencies in Switzerland (DES) national risk analysis.


4 December 2023

Chair of the NATO Military Committee on official visit to Switzerland

On 4 and 5 December, Admiral Rob Bauer, the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, will be paying an official visit to the Swiss Armed Forces. Discussions with the Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Thomas Süssli, will focus on intensifying cooperation with NATO. A courtesy visit with the head of the DDPS, Federal Councillor Viola Amherd, is also on the agenda.

26 June 2023

« Switzerland's Security 2023 »: The Federal Intelligence Service publishes its latest situation report

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues to have a lasting impact on national and international security policy. Switzerland’s security continues to be shaped in particular by the growing rivalry between major powers. The Federal Intelligence Service’s (FIS) abilities to anticipate, identify and assess in time threats and developments that are of strategic importance to Switzerland are crucial for taking preventive measures. The latest FIS situation report presents the main developments in intelligence over the past year.


8 December 2023

Protection of Cultural Property

The following pages offer you basic information about Switzerland's Protection of Cultural Property, about organisation, protective measures and legal basis.

Integral Risk Management Cycle, FOCP 2019

17 November 2023

Hazards and Risks

In civil protection, hazard and risk analyses provide the basis for action planning in the areas of prevention and precaution for coping with catastrophes and emergencies.

16 November 2021

NBC Protection

NBC protection covers all measures to defend against and prevent nuclear (N), biological (B) and chemical (C) threats and hazards.

31 August 2023

Critical infrastructure protection

The term „critical infrastructures“ refers to those facilities and organizations, whose disruption could cause severe damage on a supra-regional level, e.g. in the energy sector, the communication sector or in the transport sector. The Federal Office of Civil Protection FOCP is responsible for the coordination of the works in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP

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