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Partner organisations

Five partner organisations

The civil protection system must ensure that the five partner organisations: the police, the fire, health care and technical services, as well as the CPO (an additional civil protection organisation) cooperate effectively. Each of the five civil protection partner organisations is in charge of its particular domain. They support each other in the execution of these tasks.


The police is responsible for maintaining public security and order. It is a primary intervention resource, regulated at cantonal level. The relevant tasks are carried out by cantonal and municipal police services.

Fire service

The fire services are in charge of rescue and general damage protection, including fire-fighting and coping with other natural hazards. They too are a primary intervention resource, and their interventions may last between several hours or days. Fire services are under cantonal jurisdiction.

Public health care service

The health care services, including first aid and medical rescue units, provide medical services to the population and to the intervention resources. These may include prevention and psychological assistance. First aid and rescue services are a primary intervention resource. The health care system in Switzerland is regulated at cantonal level.

Technical services

The technical services ensure that the electricity, water and gas supply, waste disposal, transport and IT function normally, or are made operational by emergency measures. They fulfil their tasks independently.

Civil protection organisation (CPO)

The CPO, an additional civil protection organisation, provides the protective infrastructure (e.g. shelters) and the resources to alert the population (e.g. siren system), cares for persons in need of protection or shelter, and is responsible for the protection of cultural property. Where necessary CPO supports the partner organisations over longer periods of time (days to months). CPO is in charge of repair to avert consequential damage and provides services to reinforce management support and logistics. It may also be called upon to carry out various tasks for the benefit of the community. CPO is part of the compulsory national service system. The cantons regulate CPO issues within the general legislative framework set up by the Confederation.

Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP Guisanplatz 1B
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Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP

Guisanplatz 1B
CH-3003 Bern