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Spiez Laboratory

Spiez Laboratory

Swiss Federal Institute for NBC Protection

The Spiez Laboratory is Switzerland’s Federal Institute for NBC Protection. It deals with the scientific and technical aspects of dangers associated with nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) incidents and their possible consequences. It therefore operates the requisite laboratories and measuring equipment to ensure that it can fulfil this task.

Through its expertise, it supports:

  • the civil protection partner organisations in NBC preparedness and the management of NBC incidents.
  • the national authorities and the armed forces in the procurement of NBC protection material.
  • national authorities and international organisations in the implementation and further development of NBC arms control and NBC non-proliferation agreements.
  • international missions in the areas of NBC arms control, environmental assessment and capacity building.

As such, the Spiez Laboratory makes a significant contribution to ensuring public safety and to supporting peacebuilding worldwide.

You will find more information at the website of this business unit of the FOCP: Spiez Laboratory

Spiez Laboratory Austrasse
CH-3700 Spiez
+41 58 468 14 00


Spiez Laboratory

CH-3700 Spiez