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Tasks of the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP)

For federal civil protection issues

The Federal Office for Civil Protection´s actions are based on basic legislation issued by the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). It combines the branches in charge of civil protection issues and coordination with the other security policy instruments. The FOCP supports agencies that are active in mitigating collective risks and in managing incidents, in particular the federal authorities involved, the cantons and the partner organisation of the civil protection system.

Concept, research, coordination, deployment, training, infrastructure

The FOCP has the following tasks:

  • Development of civil protection strategy
  • Coordination of civil protection in conjunction with other federal agencies concerned, the cantons and partner organisations
  • Risk related planning, planning of protective, rescue and support measures
  • Support of management at the federal level in civil protection issues
  • Coordination of research relating to civil protection, research in select fields of civil protection
  • Operation of the Swiss specialised institute for the protection against nuclear, radiological biological and chemical threats and dangers
  • Operation of a central task force organisation for warning, alerting and giving instructions to inhabitants and for providing information for the public and the media.
  • Safeguarding civil protection training at the federal level together with the cantons and the partner organisations
  • Planning and control of protective infrastructure projects, safeguarding the value of protective structures or maintenance of technical systems and provision of equipment of the civil protection organisation together with the cantons
  • Support of the cantons and international collaboration in the protection of cultural property 

Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP Guisanplatz 1B
CH-3003 Bern


Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP

Guisanplatz 1B
CH-3003 Bern