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Critical infrastructure protection

The term „critical infrastructures“ refers to those facilities and organizations, whose disruption could cause severe damage on a supra-regional level, e.g. in the energy sector, the communication sector or in the transport sector. The Federal Office of Civil Protection FOCP is responsible for the coordination of the works in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Coordinated Medical Services (CMS)

The CMS supports the public healthcare sector through the coordinated deployment of resources from civil protection, private organisations, other cantons and the armed forces so as to provide the best possible care for patients in the event of disasters or emergencies. The aim is to provide optimal support in everyday life and to prepare for deployments within the framework of emergencies and disasters involving a mass influx of patients.

Hazards and Risks

In civil protection, hazard and risk analyses provide the basis for action planning in the areas of prevention and precaution for coping with catastrophes and emergencies.

Management and operational communications systems

The FOCP develops and operates secure communications networks for the rescue and security authorities and organisations or coordinates the necessary work. These systems include Polycom, SDVS (secure integrated data system) and MSC (mobile broadband secure communications).

NBC Protection

NBC protection covers all measures to defend against and prevent nuclear (N), biological (B) and chemical (C) threats and hazards.

Protection of Cultural Property

The following pages offer you basic information about Switzerland's Protection of Cultural Property, about organisation, protective measures and legal basis.

Protective structures

Protective structures were designed primarily to protect the population (shelters), and to ensure the readiness of civil protection resources (protected premises) during an armed conflict.

Resources Management at Federal Level

Resources Management at Federal Level (ResMaB) coordinates the deployment of all resources that are available at the federal level.


Civil protection training focuses primarily on dealing with disasters and emergencies, and is a cantonal responsibility. The cantons are supported by the FOCP.