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As supplier, you transfer the invoice to us electronically

E-billing is the modern, easy and safe way for invoicing. Instead of printing your invoice and mailing it to the Federal Administration, you send your invoice information electronically to an e-billing service provider. You save time and money – we process your invoice swiftly and seamlessly. Sounds simple? It really is!

Mandatory for amounts exceeding 5,000 francs

The Federal Council has decreed that per 1 January 2016 suppliers must send in their invoices electronically if the contractual value is more than 5,000 Swiss francs.

You need the following data for sending us an invoice electronically:

  • Postfinance – eBillAccountID:
  • Swisscom Conextrade – ConextradeID:
  • Billing address:
    Office federal for Civil Protectio (FOCP), c/o Kreditoren VBS, Postfach,
    CH-3003 Bern
  • E-Mail addresses for PDF invoices:

Sending invoices electronically

You receive your invoices from us electronically

It is no longer necessary to enter your account data , amounts and reference numbers manually. With just a few mouse clicks, you can check the electronic invoice in your on-line banking portal and confirm the transaction.

In changing to the e-billing system, you not only help to protect the environment but also enjoy the following benefits:

  • paper-free:
    You receive the invoice directly in your on-line banking or your company’s book-keeping system.
  • simple and rapid:
    You don’t have to type out any payment details.
  • safe:
    You control the initiation of payments.

Receiving invoices electronically

Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP Guisanplatz 1B
CH-3003 Bern



Contact E-billing sending

Billing adress

Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP
c/o Kreditoren VBS
CH-3003 Bern

Commercial Services

Contact E-billing receiving

Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP

Guisanplatz 1B
CH-3003 Bern