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Management and operational communications systems

Polycom: Switzerland’s secure radio network

Polycom is the nation-wide secure radio network of the rescue and security authorities and organisations (BORS). It enables radio contact within and between the various organisations Border Guard, police, fire service, ambulance, civil protection organisation and supportive military units. Today, all BORS of the Confederation, cantons and communes are able to transmit both voice and data messages through a uniform infrastructure. The secure network was established step-by-step with modular networks under the direction of the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP). The FOCP’s training centre in Schwarzenburg offers courses necessary for operating the network and training the end-users.

Value retention of Polycom until 2030

Das FOCP regards it as its duty to sustainedly manage the existing communications infrastructure that is used by about 55,000 users daily. A large portion of the components used in the Polycom system has been in operation for more than ten years and has to be renewed due to technological developments. Therefore, the FOCP initiated the Polycom 2030 project to ensure its operation until 2030 and to provide for sustained value of the entire system. With the conversion of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to IP technology its function can be sustained until 2030 at least. After this step, the Polycom system will be based on the secure integrated data network (SDVN).

Wireless broad band communications

With its wireless broadband communications system (dBBK), BORS is to be able to use highly available broadband services in the future. In addition to our present Polycom speech radio network, a wireless broadband communications system (dBBK) that is based on the latest Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile radio standard is planned. As in other countries, the project is to be started in Switzerland in collaboration with a commercial mobile phone provider. However to ensure that the system is also available when electrical power is scarce, an independent mobile radio infrastructure is planned with its own frequency range.

Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP Guisanplatz 1B
CH-3003 Bern


Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP

Guisanplatz 1B
CH-3003 Bern