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PCP Forum no. 32/2019 - A musical PCP Forum

PCP Forum no. 32/2019 - A musical PCP Forum
Serie PCP Forum
Edition 32
Year 2019
Editor Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP
Location 3003 Bern

Music like language, art and dance is one of the most important forms of human communication. It is commonplace, transcends cultures, comes in an astonishing array of styles, is played on an equally astonishing array of instruments, and has the almost supernatural power to influence the listener’s emotions. From the sound of classical music in concert halls, of organ music in churches, of outdoor rock concerts, of music playing in the background while you cook or on your daily jog or music boxes lulling babies to sleep… the list is endless. Medicine and psychotherapy are increasingly harnessing the power of music, too. Film makers use it to heighten the impact of a scene, deploying emotive, suspenseful, discrete or loud music sequences depending on the mood they seek to convey. Many museums and exhibitions devote themselves to the subject. Buildings are constructed specifically for the performance of music, which have the right architectural acoustics to offer the audience the best possible listening experience. The present issue of PCP Forum endeavours to shed light on this multifaceted field and, of course, the steps taken to protect our audio heritage.

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