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PCP Forum no. 20/2013 – Wood and PCP

PCP Forum no. 20/2013 – Wood and PCP
Serie PCP Forum
Edition 20
Year 2013
Editor Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP)
Location 3003 Bern

Wood is a material that is as fascinating and multifaceted as the objects and structures of great cultural and historical value that have been fashioned from it. Wood is a living and breathing thing. It is natural, renewable, lightweight, hard and extremely stable. Issue 20 takes a closer look at this medium: the fascination it exerts, as well as its importance and history. In doing so, PCP Forum helps to raise awareness of the need to take preventive and protective steps to preserve cultural property made from this material.

forum20dfie.pdf (PDF, 88 Pages, 12 MB)