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PCP Forum no. 14/2009 - Microfilming

PCP Forum no. 14/2009 - Microfilming
Serie 14
Edition PCP Forum
Year 2009
Editor Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP)
Location 3003 Bern

Microfilm continues to be a stable and reliable medium for the long-term archiving of valuable documents. The present issue of PCP Forum features articles by leading national and international experts working in archives, in cantonal agencies, academia and cultural institutions. Together, these generate an overview of best practices when it comes to producing microfilms and creating suitable conditions for the long-term archiving of this material. There are also discussions on the latest technological developments in the field and on the requirements governing the analogue and digital production of quality microfilms, as well as their conservation.

forum14dfie.pdf (PDF, 80 Pages, 9 MB)